If you’ve ever tried to attend a major event in Cape Town, you’ll know that you need to book well in advance if you want to get your foot in the door. Besides tickets, accommodation is also in short supply during these exciting occasions, making precision planning par for the course if you want to join in.  

With most of the events in 2020 overrun by an uninvited ‘guest’ in the form of a virus, people are impatient to make up on missed opportunities.  So, now’s the time to start planning an action-packed 2021 by taking the Mother City’s best events into consideration.

The Sun Met Horse Race
Join the mink and manure set at this prestigious gathering of the famous and fabulous during January 2021. The Sun Met is one of the richest races in the country with plenty of fast-paced action on offer both on the track and off.

Cape Cycle Tour
The world’s largest timed cycle race attracts the fast and the furious from across the globe. This exciting March event runs in tandem with a host of related entertainment offerings, markets and an expo which add extra interest to the occasion.

Two Oceans Marathon
Every April, running enthusiasts take to the streets en masse to prove their mettle against some of the Western Cape’s most challenging terrain. This prestigious race is a qualifier for the testing Comrades Marathon and as such it draws crowds from all over the globe.

Cape Town International Jazz Festival
This entertaining showcase of leading jazz artists is the fourth largest of its kind in the world and the largest music in Africa. Every March, over 40 musicians from far and wide showcase their skills to the masses at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

It’s a don’t-miss event for music lovers everywhere.

Cape Town Marathon of Events

Apart from these top crowd pleasers you can also look forward to a host of smaller festivals, theatre shows, and concerts as business gets back to usual. With plenty of time to plan you can pick and choose the best events for you according to your interests. 

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Image Credit: https://www.pikrepo.com/fttkn/table-mountain-cape-town-south-africa-signage