Cape Town may seem like a world of its own but it’s not immune to the vagaries of the powers that be. Yet, it’s easy to make the most of every minute during your Cape Town stay if you’re prepared to act spontaneously at the flip of a switch.  

Here’s what to do when the Prince of Darkness pops in unannounced for 2 hours or more during your Cape Town self-catering stay.

1.     Lighten Up
Resist the urge to rant and throw items around the kitchen. Instead, take a deep breath, turn off the stove, round up the troops and head outdoors for a moonlit stroll along a beach or a seaside promenade.  It’s a refreshing and soothing break from routine and you’ll work up a healthy appetite in the process.

Even a few hours spent stargazing in the garden could be just the re-boot you need to deal with the little downers that life dishes up occasionally.

2.     Go Towards the Light
Chances are there’s a suburb somewhere that’s still ablaze in the glory of electric power. Head in that direction and find an illuminated spot for uninterrupted wining and dining.

Be sure to make it snappy though, you never know who’s next on the list.

3. Call an Impromptu Date Night
For most restaurants and
bars in Cape Town, it’s business as usual no matter what. So, put on your best dress and head off for a candlelit dinner in the neighbourhood.

You might find the menu’s a little slimmer than usual and the credit card machine may be on (or rather off) the blink, but it’s easy enough to keep topping up your wine until normality is restored.
If a hungry brood of children puts this out of the question, pick a place with a wood-fired oven and treat them to pizza instead.  

4. Hit the Streets
Join one of the group bike rides with GONOW. These battery-powered cycles are on the go until 9 pm daily and are a fun way to explore the city and the beachfront after dark.

5. Laugh it Off
No matter what, the show goes on at the Cape Town Comedy Club, albeit only when power is restored. In the meantime, you can get the party started with happy hour, dinner and a quaint candlelit ambience before the show.

Cape Town’s Got This

Whether you choose to go all out or wait it out, when you stay in Cape Town self-catering accommodation there’s always a way to make light of the situation. No matter what.

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