Do you get that been-there-done-that feeling when searching for Cape Town food tours? Fortunately, there’s a new slew of more intense food-focussed experiences on the cards for travellers to Cape Town lately.


Here’s where to go if you want to experience something a little more advanced on your travels to Cape Town. 

Cape Fusion Tours for Food Fanatics

Cape Fusion tours are run by foodies with a keen interest in introducing people to the finest food and wine experiences that the Cape has to offer.


Their offering includes a range of high-end tours to the Mother City’s best restaurants and wineries where you can experience the pinnacle of the city’s culinary culture.


These tours include visits that delve into the history of Cape Town’s cooking initiatives, explore the burgeoning artisan food industry, delve into coffee culture, and uncover little-known dining gems along the Peninsula as well as in the CBD and further afield in the winelands.


From interactive dining to exclusive access to secret family recipes, these tours offer a new take on traditional culinary tours. 

Cape Town Culinary Tours

This tour operator focusses on intimate small-group tours which travel the city and surrounds in search of unique local dining experiences.


On these outing you’ll get to know more about the unique aspects of Cape Town’s local delicacies and meet the chefs behind them. The Mother City’s always dishing up novel dining options and this is the best way to discover them.
Cape Town Culinary Tours offer an in-depth insight into Cape Town’s off-the-beaten-track destinations and the Mother City’s top food traditions.


These tours leave no stone unturned in their quest to discover the best that the city has to offer, whether it’s a tiny roadside stall or a high-end new dining operation. 

Sample the Best that Cape Town Has to Offer

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