The Art of Duplicity is the most elite bar in Cape Town and open only to those with a password. It’s located in a nondescript alleyway somewhere in the city and their website features nothing but a black page and an invitation to book.


Yet this undercover establishment’s the recipient of 2020’s prestigious Cocktail Bar of the Year Award and the co-owner, Brent Perremore’s also received numerous accolades during his 25-year career. 

An Insider’s View

In keeping with its prohibition speakeasy theme, The Art of Duplicity’s grown to fame by word-of-mouth only. It seems people always want more of what they can’t have.


Only once you’ve found their website which is identified by a number only and paid for your booking will you get the location details and the password needed to gain access.


Apart from its secretive nature, the live jazz performances, unique cocktails, and intimate ambiance are the main attractions at this elite venue. 

In the Beginning

The Art of Duplicity’s been around since 2018 and was established by David Donde, founder of Truth Coffee Roasting in Cape Town.


The combination of Donde’s vision and Perremore’s talent is what sparked this innovative establishment. When the two met up, they were looking to create something never seen before in Cape Town, as well as something that could give Perremore’s bartending skills the attention they deserve.


Many hours of brainstorming later, the team came across the idea of a top-secret speakeasy, and the idea took root. Since then, The Art of Duplicity’s also gained international recognition and has been named one of the most remarkable establishments across the Middle East and Africa.


Known as The Rabbit, Perremore’s talents are widely known in Cape Town and London and he’s also the winner of the elite Trailblazer of the Year Award. He’s the man behind the bar’s one of a kind cocktails rated by cocktail aficionado’s as the best they’ve ever had.  


Some of the standout cocktails at The Art of Duplicity include Mae’s Pearl Necklace, Coffee House Milk punch and a R350 best-seller that’s (of course) a secret.


Would you like a taste of the Cape Town Cocktail Bar that’s doing its best to stay out of the limelight?

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