Are you one of the lucky few who’s heading out on a business trip to the Mother City soon? Here’s why Cape Town self-catering accommodation is your best bet.


A Home Away from Home


Cape Town self-catering accommodation is the closest thing to being at home you’ll ever get – only better. When you choose a luxurious Cape Town apartment for your business accommodation, you’ll have the whole place to yourself.
You don’t get much more socially-distant than that.


Fine Dining at its Best


With self-catering accommodation, you can eat what you want when you want to. There’s no waiting around for your place in the dining hall thanks to the inevitable capacity restrictions.
You’re also removing one point of contact by getting food delivered straight to your door. Most of Cape Town’s best eateries are allowing pick-up or delivered meals. You can also whip up your own creations thanks to abundant supplies of fresh locally-sourced ingredients, so you get to enjoy a homemade taste of the Cape.
Special dietary requirements are far less stressful when you’re cooking for yourself too. You needn’t feel like you’re cramping anyone else’s style or spend hours searching for a restaurant that meets your needs.
The best part is you can sip and savour as many glasses as you like of the 
Cape’s finest wines with your meal. There’s no worry about driving home afterward.


A Pristine Environment


Stringent sterilisation protocols are in place for all Cape Town’s accommodation venues, but you can rest assured that a self-catering apartment sees a lot lower occupancy than the large hotels.
This means the risks are always slightly lower when you stay in a self-catering unit. 


With self-catering accommodation, you’ll always have greater freedoms. You can head off for an early meeting without missing breakfast or work overtime without having to forego dinner.

Do you prefer a packed lunch, or want to enjoy a seaside meal? It’s all achievable when you don’t have to worry about sit-down dinners.


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