Cape Town is a vegan-friendly city with most restaurants reserving a spot on their menus for customers following specialised diets of all descriptions.

As one of the world’s top ten vegan-conscious countries, South Africa’s well acquainted with the vegan ethos of avoiding animal exploitation in all forms and Cape Town leads the way when it comes to this lifestyle choice.

So, if you’re visiting the Mother City any time soon, you needn’t worry about bringing your own vegan-friendly meals along. In fact, you’ll find plenty of wholesome gourmet vegan options to stock up on in this part of the world.

Here’s a snapshot of where to go when you’re looking for vegan-anything in the Mother City:



Plant is a vegan-only eatery that combines a 100% plant-based menu with a quaint laid-back vibe. Here you can fill up on favourites like mac and cheese, nachos, lasagne, and cottage pie.
The mushroom crepes are a must-try on this menu.


The Hungry Herbivore

From its humble beginnings as a market store, the Hungry Herbivore’s grown to become the Mother City’s premier vegan eatery offering a 100% vegan menu.

Here, you can look forward to a host of cheesy eats like pizza and pasta dishes washed down with refreshing fresh cold pressed juices.


Shopping for Vegan Supplies

Atlas trading company and the Spice Emporium both sell a host of exotic imported spices and nuts to add interest to your vegan diet.

The famous Charly’s Bakery has a range of vegan cupcakes for those with a sweet tooth.

At the Constantia Village, you’ll come across Organic Living which stocks plenty of vegan-friendly organic products as well as vegan cheese, mayonnaise, and chocolates.

For vegan clothes and cosmetics, head for the Wellness Warehouse outlets dotted around town. You’ll find plenty of other local businesses with a selection of vegan goodies at markets as well as malls across town.


Experience the Cape Town Vegan Vibe

So, if you’re on the vegan bandwagon, you’ll find yourself quite at home in the Mother City. Get in touch to book your self-catering accommodation or keep searching our blog for more ways to make the most of your stay.

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