As residents of South Africa, we’re all taking part in dry January this year (and half of February by the looks of it), but that doesn’t mean you have to go without refreshing lunchtime drinks or relaxing sundowners.

Cape Town’s bars and restaurants have long mastered the art of creating the best non-alcoholic drinks for any occasion. Here’s what’s up for grabs:

Loxtonia Cider

Loxtonia has eight delicious ciders on offer, featuring all the taste and none of the alcohol. These refreshing drinks are just the thing for seaside picnics on hot summer days or as a refreshing pick-me-up in between activities.

All their drinks come from fresh picked apples and the purest ingredients. There are no preservatives, no artificial additives in these drinks and they’re gluten-free and vegan friendly too. The cherry on the top is that the entire Loxtonia operation’s run on solar power.

You can try out the produce with various cellar tours, pre-packed picnics, and tasting experiences at the farm too.

Alcohol-Free Wine Farms

Leopard’s Leap and Creation Wines were well-prepared to weather the ban on alcohol with a selection of de-alcoholised wines and suitable alternatives already in production.

Leopard’s Leap Natura Classic Red has notes of sweet spices and red berries with a lingering aftertaste and smooth mouthfeel. Just like the real thing, it’s the perfect complement come dinner time or any time you please.

The classic white is a lunchtime treat with crisp, refreshing, tropical fruit flavours that complement seafood perfectly. Both wines are vegan-friendly and kind to your waistline too.

Creation Wines have added to their usual exceptional wine tasting experiences with luxury cordial and tea pairings. Originally designed to suit non-drinkers and designated drivers, these activities are now suitable for everyone who wants to enjoy a winelands experience without the alcohol.

Remember there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the winelands sans the wine. This area offers a host of fine-dining and outdoor adventures that make any visit worthwhile.

Make the Most of Your Time in Cape Town

There’s much more to Cape Town than fine wines. The city boasts hundreds of alcohol-free activities and some of the best non-alcoholic drinks around.

Pop into any seaside restaurant and you’ll find plenty of variety when it comes to virgin cocktails, soft drinks, and alcohol-free beers to enjoy as the sun sinks into the ocean.

You may as well enjoy dry January and early February with a view, so get in touch and book your place in Cape Town today.

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