Every year, thousands of local and international travellers head to the south-westernmost tip of Africa during their visit to Cape Town and this top spot is well equipped to enthral them all with a host of things to see and do.

At Cape Point, you’ll find enough to keep you engaged from sunrise to sunset (when the gates open and close). Don’t miss these top activities at The Point.

See the Ocean in Action

Although Cape Point isn’t the meeting place to Cape Town’s two oceans, it’s easy to believe it is. Gazing down at the ocean views, you’ll see waves crashing thunderously against the coastal rocks creating a spectacular display of spray and foam.

Incidentally, the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet, with far less fanfare, at Cape Agulhas about 250 km away.

Bathe in Buffels Bay

Although the ocean reveals all its furious power at the point, a few kilometres away, you’ll find it at its welcoming best in the bay. The crescent shaped Buffels Bay Beach with its ever-changing hues of blue reflected on the water, is a stunning destination for a dip followed by a picnic, a braai, or a swish meal at Cape Point’s Two Oceans restaurant.

There’s plenty of space for everyone, just bring your own braai grid and wood to get started.

There’s Lots for Landlubbers to Do Too

If the sometimes chilly Atlantic waters aren’t for you, you’ll find plenty of walks, historic excursions, and trails to enjoy near Cape Point. These are the best ones:

The Shipwreck Trail (Olifantsbos Trail) winds along the coastline incorporating a wistful display of ships that didn’t make it past the turbulent waters of The Point. Here you’ll find the final resting places of the Nolloth and SS Thomas T. Tucker, that met their fates on these shores decades ago.

Additional nature trails wind among the fynbos and aloes delivering big on views. You’ll also get the chance to encounter various wildlife species like genets, Cape foxes, polecats, mongooses, mole rats, porcupines, and tortoises as well as abundant bird species along these well-marked trails.

The Old Lighthouse

The Old lighthouse caused the demise of a few ships due to disappearing in low cloud before it was decommissioned in 1911. Today it stands as a landmark and popular viewpoint over the oceanscape.

The funicular travels from the parking lot along a track through the beautiful fynbos to the Old lighthouse every three minutes, so you can hitch a ride and spare yourself from walking up the hundreds of steps to the top.

Make Your Way to Cape Point

Whether you’re a resident of Cape Town or planning a visit soon, Cape Point is a must-see item for your to do list. If you’d like to discover some more things to do in the city, keep browsing our blog or get in touch for more information.

Image credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/aloe-vera-plant-background-aloe-2763691/