Some people are just impossible to shop for. They seem to have every gadget they could possibly desire, all the latest gear for their favourite hobby and no real preference for anything.

Every festive season and birthday sees you roaming the aisles and online shops exhausted from the effort of trying to find something they need or desire. This year take a different approach, by focussing on what they don’t like!

Here’s how shopping in Cape Town makes it all so much easier.

1. For Those Who Love Travelling but Hate Flying

Some people love jetting off into the big blue but are genuinely afraid of lifting off from Earth. You can give them a travelling hug!

According to research, weighted blankets and garments recreate the psychological benefits of a hug and reduce anxiety. So, if your friend is a nervous flyer, what better way to show them you’ve got their back? You can get a gorgeous range of weighted goodies at Pretty Special.

Look them up when you’re in Cape Town to view their stocks, or order online. They ship all over the country.

While you’re at it. Why not book them a well-deserved break in the Mother City so they can try out their new gift? Get in touch to book Cape Town self-catering accommodation that anyone will love.

2. For the Coffee Lover Who Hates Takeaways

Help them get their fix on the run, their way. Mr. Coffee makes a range of single cup coffee makers that are perfect for people who want to enjoy their own home brews on the road. You can get these gadgets online, but the really important part is what you get to go with it.

Cape Town has enough award-winning coffee roasteries around to fill up anyone’s Christmas stocking. Pop into Truth, Origin and Tribe roasteries or Deluxe Coffeeworks and bring home a few bags of beans.

3. For Those Who Love Their Luxury

Everybody loves a diary, but the usual leather-bound creations, while gorgeous, are very common. Get a custom designed calendar or year planner from Love Letters in Kenilworth.
Since they’re custom-made, these beauties can take up to 10 days to produce but you can craft your design while you’re in town and get them delivered anywhere in the country.

4. For Those Who Really Want Nothing

Some people prefer to give rather than receive and that’s admirable. Spoil your friend by donating in their name to a cause that they feel strongly about.

Some novel ideas include a membership to Cheetah Outreach in Franschhoek for a year or sponsorship of one of the ambassador animals who live there. They’ll receive a certificate and regular updates about what’s happening at the centre.

You can also donate to Surfpop who keep young children off the streets by teaching them to surf, or to Lalela who hosts art workshops for at-risk youths.

Get Shopping in Cape Town

No matter who’s on your list this year, you’ll find something to put a smile on their face in Cape Town. Get in touchto book your accommodation and start shopping in Cape Town now.

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