In days gone by, Cape Point was a landmark en route to the flavourful riches of the East. It was a journey fraught with risk for every intrepid entrepreneur willing to take their chances along this rocky storm-strewn and windswept coast.

So many ships met their end on the ill-fated journey that the area soon earned a name as the Cape of Storms, where only the bravest seafarers would dare to venture. The trend continued well into recent times as these notorious crags took victim after victim attempting to make their way past the Western Cape.

Along this coast over 26 ships lie smashed or stranded, and you can still visit some of these haunting sites today. You can see some of them at the Cape Point Nature Reserve.

Olifantsbos Trail

Also known as the Thomas T. Tucker trail, this easy hike takes you from the Olifantsbos parking area on a journey to see what remains of this former WWI troop and weapons transport ship.

This easy trail leads through the fynbos to the site where this once mighty vessel has lain stranded since 1942.

The Thomas T. Tucker’s former glory has long since rusted away, but it remains one of the most photographed wrecks along the African coast.

The hike to the site of the Thomas T Tucker is about 3kn long and takes about an hour and a half to complete.

Sirkelsvlei Trail

If you’re enjoying your journey of discovery, you can continue on towards the Sirkelsvlei Trail passing the Nolloth along the way. This liquor carrier met it’s end here in 1965.

This is a good place to catch your breath and explore the nearby rock pools before continuing along the Sirkelsvlei route back to the Olifantsbos parking area.

Taking this extended route adds two hours to the hike but it’s an easy and scenic outing suitable for all ages.

Apart from abundant birdlife, fynbos, and rock dwelling denizens, you could be lucky enough to come across ostrich, Cape mountain zebra, red hartebeest, bontebok, and tortoise.

Afterwards, you can relax at the Two Oceans restaurant while enjoying a meal, explore the Cape Point lighthouse and pop in at the Cape Point Vineyards on your way back to town.

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