In the year since Cape Town’s first poké bar opened its doors, the city has undergone a poké revolution, with eateries dedicated to this awesome street food, springing up all over the place.

Here’s where to find poke bars during your stay in Cape Town self-catering accommodation:

The Pokè Co. - Loop Street

The original Pokè masters, the Pokè Co. started out as a pop up shop at Cape Town events, but now they’ve finally got their own store in the heart of the city action.

All their top-selling bowls are on offer including Charlie tuna, which features fish, mango or melon, carrots, red onion, macadamia nuts and dressing. Another top hit is The Windwards with cucumber, edamame, avo, pickled ginger, shredded nori and tuna with dressing.

The bowls are available in two sizes and include two sides as well as a poké burrito. You can also create your own unique combination of ingredients if you choose the build-your-own bowl option.

Hokey Pokè – Church Street

Hokey Pokè blows the traditional concept of poké out of the water by adding a Hawaiian twist to this popular dish. However, this doesn’t mean pineapple has come to the poké party – it refers to the way these bowls are served. 

All the protein ingredients are chopped into island-style cubes and served ‘choose your own adventure’ style. For starters you pick a base of rice or leaves, followed by your choice of beef, chicken, prawns, tuna or salmon. Then it‘s time to slather on the good stuff with a range of vegetables, herbs and nuts to choose from. The final touch is one of Hokey Pokè’s signature dressings including the spicy house sauce.

Bowls on Bree

Fresh, healthy, sustainable and delicious, who could ask for more? Bowls on Bree dishes up ever-changing options filled to the brim with locally sourced seasonal ingredients. Some of the staples include rainbow trout, yellowfin tuna, Japanese-style pickles, pickled cabbage, crushed peanuts and pineapple slaw.

There are also vegan Buddha Bowls and Paleo bowls made up of shredded hot chilli chicken with roasted chickpeas or tuna tataki and toasted coconut up for grabs at this socially-conscious eatery.

And there’s more…

Nowadays, it’s easy to find poké bars in the Mother City with new outlets opening all the time, or you can order in and enjoy them in the luxury of your Cape Town self-catering accommodation. Get in touch to book your spot today.

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