Paternoster is one of the most visited towns on the Western Cape Coast. It’s famed for its small-town seaside vibe, gorgeous views and exceptional seafood eats.

Both locals and holidaymakers alike are well aware of the many charms of little Paternoster, but now the world knows too.

In keeping with the ambience of this little fishing village that made good, one of the smallest eateries in town was just awarded the coveted status of “Best Restaurant in the World”. We take a look at just why and find out more about the man behind Wolfgat.

Kobus van der Merwe upped and left the buzzing environment of Cape Town 7 year’s ago, trading his slick city lifestyle for simpler things. His original intention was to help his parents run their country shop selling an array of collectables and traditional homemade goodies.

On the side, he also helped out with their eatery called Oep ve Koep but soon became a little disheartened with the delicious, yet standard fare on offer. Fish, chips and calamari just didn’t appeal to his adventurous soul. He quite literally started rummaging around for an alternative.

Treasures and treats from the ocean’s shoreline

He found his answers on the shores of the West Coast, where he unearthed truly local delicacies by foraging along the shoreline and visiting local fishmongers for their daily haul. Traditional West Coast cookery had found a new home at Oep ve Koep.

This new type of cuisine was branded ‘’hyper-local’’ and featured heritage dishes, cooked slowly using whatever he could forage for the day. This old, yet new, West Coast Way turned out to be the right direction for this entrepreneurial chef.

The trend caught on and Kobus found his own premises alongside his hunting grounds.

Wolfgat Restaurant came to be, named after a nearby cave rumoured to be the gateway to an underworld of mysterious passages and once the home of an ancient race.

Open for business as usual

Kobus’ comments after his big win are simply ‘business as usual’. Tomorrow he’ll go out and forage for wild vegetables to compliment the day’s fare and compose a delectable menu as fascinating as the shores that offered it up. Perhaps there will be homemade bread sticks, with bokkoms, dime celery, soutslaai and flowers. Perhaps it will be something entirely different.  

For some time to come, it’s going to be bookings only for this little eatery on the tip of Africa that somehow caught the world’s attention.

Start planning your stay in Cape Town self-catering accommodation now if you want to sample some of what the Wolfgat has to offer. The waiting list is currently 3 months long and, like tomorrow’s ingredients, it’s still growing.

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