All over the world coronavirus travel restrictions have put paid to the best laid plans, but that doesn’t mean you should plant to stay at home for ever.


Hope is not lost for those with a nagging case of wanderlust. Here’s why you should most definitely book now to make your future travel plans a reality if you can.


1.     You’re Helping the Travel Industry Stay Afloat
Take a few minutes to truly appreciate how grateful you are to the travel industry for all the wonderful memories they’ve given you through the years. It’s payback time people.


Now, more than ever, your favourite travel agents, tour operators and accommodation establishments need your support. Most of these services will have suffered a massive financial loss during a period which, after Christmas, is their biggest money-spinner of the year. 


If you book and pay now for a future travel date in six or seven-months’ time, you’re putting money in their pockets – money that can help ensure they’re there for you once again when the pandemic ends.


2.    Planning Ahead is Good For Your Mental Health
Sitting at home mourning the loss of your long-anticipated holiday is depressing to say the least. Put a silver lining on that dark cloud by making the best out of a bad situation. 


Planning ahead is good for you. It gives you a sense of purpose when things seem at their worst.

Besides, with time on your side, you’ve got ample opportunity to research your destination in depth and plan the holiday of a lifetime with not a minute wasted. Why stick to all the run-of-the-mill activities during your trips?

Now you’ve got time to research some amazing lesser-known things to do during your trip.

3.    Make the Best of a Bad Situation
Have you been hankering after a break in Cape Town accommodation during peak season and never been able to get a booking? Now’s your chance!

You may be one of the first to realise that you can do advance bookings now, act fast while everyone’s distracted.

Usually, it’s almost impossible to get accommodation in high demand areas less than a year in advance. If you book now for the end of 2020 or for next year, you’ll have more options to choose from than ever before.

Chances are you’ll finally get that long-desired escape you’ve been dreaming of all along and might even scoop up a discount on your flights for booking early.

Coronavirus Travel Bans Aren’t Forever

If you can’t work during this time of lockdowns and restricted movement, at least fill your time with something more constructive than watching re-runs on TV.

Start planning your next trip now, there isn’t a single reason why you shouldn’t keep the faith. You can get the ball rolling by reading our blog articles and browsing through our awesome luxury Cape Town accommodation.

No matter what, keep your travel dreams alive.

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