Cape Town is in the grip of a coffee craze. Everywhere you turn there seems to be a newer and more bustling coffee shop to try out.

Matters will be steaming up and coming to a head in June 2019 at the Cape Town Coffee Festival.

Catch a Cuppa at the Castle

The event is expected to be the largest coffee gathering in the world and will be taking over the Castle of Good Hope during the first week of June 2019. While this may seem like a better venue for tea, it’s also perfect for an occasion that will solidify Cape Town as the coffee capital of the country, and possibly, the world.

The Cape Town Coffee Festival imitates similar happenings on the London, Amsterdam and New York coffee scenes and is a must for lovers of this little brown bean.

What’s on the Table?

The Cape Town Coffee Festival promises to combine the best coffee in Cape Town with skilled baristas, roasters, chefs and other coffee experts. Of course, everyone’s invited to enjoy the fruits of this aromatic endeavour.

All of the top coffee shops will be there including Delux Coffeeworks, Kamili, Origin and Tribe coffee.

Suppliers of coffee-related gadgetry will also be in attendance with their latest stocks, while baristas will be strutting their stuff in live demos and interactive websites. It’s a great place to learn all about coffee.

Live music and art add to the fray, while coffee cocktails and street food will be fuelling the masses.

Get Hands On

One of the featured diversions at this auspicious occasion will be interactive demos and displays to immerse you in the nuanced world of coffee.

Try your hand at Latte Art or cheer for your favourite barista in the throw downs, where expert pourers will compete for huge prizes and wow you with their unique designs.

Sip your way through an African coffee adventure with samples from the continent’s best coffee roasters. Find out how it’s done in South Africa. Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya.

Find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your favourite brew. The Lab series of demos and talks covers every aspect of Coffee life, from setting up a coffee shop to the science stuff.

For the People

Organisers stress that this is a festival that diverges from the usual corporate style exposition. It aims to appeal to coffee lovers from all walks of live.

A portion of the proceeds from the Cape Town Coffee Festival will be donated to Project Waterfall. Established by the Allegra Foundation, this charity is instrumental in bringing clean, safe drinking water, sanitation and education to struggling communities of coffee growers.

Tickets will be available shortly, so keep checking back to make sure you get yours. Also, book your Cape Town accommodation well in advance – this is going to be big.
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