If you’ve been monitoring the average Cape Town home price lately, you will have noticed that we’re in something of a buyer’s market right now. With prices down off their historic highs of a few years ago and the supply of homes on the market increasing, it’s a great time for buyers to negotiate good deals - but where does that leave you as a seller?

If you’re considering selling your residential property soon, the buyer’s market isn’t all bad news. Here are some ways you can sell your home for the best price possible.

Make your property haggle-proof

One of the features of a buyer’s market is that prospective purchasers will have the sense that they can haggle - and that means they’ll be looking for reasons to pay less for your property. 

As a seller, you’ll want to remove as many objections as possible from the buyer’s mind by making sure that your home looks fantastic and doesn’t have any glaring faults. 

  • Basic maintenance, like painting, cleaning and maintaining your gutters, and replacing broken tiles and window panes makes a huge difference to your home.
  • Structural faults like large cracks, rising damp and faded or damaged wooden door and window frames should be seen to before the property is photographed or shown to buyers. 
  • While your garden doesn’t need to be perfectly landscaped, it should look neat and easy to maintain. 
  • Any obvious weaknesses in your home’s security, like electric gate motors or electric fencing that aren’t in working order, should be fixed before the property is viewed. 

Make a great impression on show day

Home staging is the art (and science) of making your home look great on show days and during private viewings. 

While it’s true that some buyers may not fall in love with your personal home decorating style, the majority of people will be impressed with a clean, well-maintained, stylish property that looks AirBnB-ready. 

From dealing with the basics like home maintenance to staging your home for prospective buyers, the Cape Realty team will be on hand to help you sell your home for the best possible price. 

If you’re considering selling your Cape Town home and would like to know what steps to take, don’t hesitate to contact our specialist 
agents today.

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