A recent survey by Tourlane shows that South Africa has lost no ground during the recent worldwide travel ban.


South Africa beat New Zealand, Canada, Costa Rica and Namibia to take top spot as the most coveted post-COVID travel destination. No doubt, thoughts of wide-open spaces and the great outdoors that’s fuelling the imaginations of travellers who’ve been cooped up for way too long.


As the country’s top destination for inbound travel, Cape Town is sure to see the benefits of this trend towards South African travel. The city has much to offer those looking for a breath of fresh air after a long confinement.


With wonderful hikes, towering mountains to climb, and pristine beaches, the city is surrounded by outdoor allure.


South Africa has been lauded for its swift response to the coronavirus pandemic and was quick to implement stringent safety measures throughout the country. Travelers can look forward to a wealth of safe activities and outings to enjoy during their journeys in and around the Mother City. 

More Good News

Digging a little deeper, the Tourlane survey unveiled that about a quarter of travellers were willing to pack their bags right away. Fifty percent of respondents were willing to wait until 2021, just in time for the country’s predicted re-opening for international travellers.


This bodes well for the country’s beleaguered tourist industry that’s been hard hit by lockdown restrictions all round. It’s likely that flights, attractions, and car hire will still be offered at a discount to help reboot the travel industry too, so travellers should be able to afford more of the good stuff when they arrive.

Another surprising revelation is the upswing in a preference for solo travel, as well as nature and beach destinations. Cape Town fits the bill when it comes to all of these options, so the future’s looking bright for the Mother City right now. 

Book Now or Lose Out

The only bad news is that local travellers might lose out when the influx of international guests arrive, so book early if you’re planning a trip to Cape Town any time soon. Get in touch, we’re ready and willing to arrange your 2021 post-COVID travel bookings right now.


Image credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/cape-town-south-africa-mountains-2575437/
Source: https://www.tourlane.com/community-survey/