There’s no doubt we live in uncertain times, with many businesses wondering how much longer they can carry on. Wouldn’t it be tragic if your favourite small stores in Cape Town weren’t there anymore when you return?

There is something you can do to help ensure the little guys keep their doors open when the lockdown ends. Here’s where you can enjoy some Cape Town shopping now and receive your goods later.

What’s more, many of them are offering unbelievable lockdown specials for delivery as soon as possible.

Wine Farms

Many of Cape Town’s surrounding wine farms have already run out of stocks thanks to their amazingly good special offers at this time. These are some of the ones that can still help you with prompt delivery when the ban on alcohol is lifted:

·       Cellar Direct
Join the cellar club and you’ll be party to ongoing daily special offers and discounts on premium wines from various top-notch Cape Town wineries. Cellar Direct has branches in both the Mother City and Johannesburg to ensure speedy dispatch of your vintages when lockdown ends.

·       CyberCellar
This online wine emporium stocks wine from many of the smaller estates and promises to offer increasingly better deals as we near D-day. Order now and save on a huge range of boutique winery offerings for delivery after lockdown.

·       Idiom
Idiom wines are on sale until the end of June, so you still have plenty of time to stock your cellars in advance and even after lockdown, depending on how the cards fall.

Other Stores

Some online stores are operating as usual with the proviso that they’ll only be able to deliver non-essential items after lockdown. These are some of the best ones: 

  • Just Like Papa is offering 25% off an awesome range of goods.
  • The Gin Box delivers a selection of fine artisan gins after lockdown and forever more when you sign up for a monthly subscription.
  • Beerlab is still open for online orders of everything you need to brew your own beer.
  • Mungo and Jemima’s fabulous fashions are still available via online order.

Many of Cape Town’s stores have fully embraced the move to online trading. This is just a small selection of the small outlets you can still support no matter how far away you are.


Search online for your favourites or get in touch with them telephonically to place your orders to help ensure that Cape Town’s shopping legacy continues.


Keep reading our blog for more ideas on how we can get through this together or book in advance for next year’s holiday.  

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