All over the country travel plans have fallen away or hang in the balance, but don’t let despair weigh down your wanderlust. Read on to find out why 2020 could be the best time ever to book your Cape Town accommodation out of season.

1. It’s the Right Thing to Do
If you haven’t asked for a refund on your Cape Town accommodation yet, please don’t. Small accommodation providers rely on the Easter trade for a large portion of their income. 

Rather, turn a bad situation into a win-win situation and support them by postponing your booking until after this storm passes over.

Remember, out of season rates are much cheaper, so you could stay for longer – or get to upgrade your accommodation for the same price. It’s also a lot easier to find accommodation during the quiet season, so act fast before everyone latches on to the idea.

2. There’s Still Plenty to Do
If you’ve ever visited Cape Town during the off-peak season – and you should – you’ll know that there’s never a dull moment in the Mother City. Cape Town’s attractions are even more appealing sans the crowds.

Sure, the weather might wreak havoc with your sunbathing ambitions, but you can use that time better by exploring some of Cape Town’s wonderful museums, art galleries, and theatres instead. You’ll never have time to get through everything that Cape Town has to offer, so leave the beach for another summer and discover a side of the city that you might not have experienced before.

3. Big Events
All over South Africa, major events have been put on hold for the first quarter of the year, but you can rest assured that these grand occasions will only be postponed until a later date. When they are, there’s going to be a mad scramble for accommodation once again, so by booking now you’ll still get all the fun of the festival without the hassle of finding somewhere to stay.

With so many events being put on hold, there are bound to be more events than ever before once the lockdown is lifted and you’ll be sitting pretty, ready to take advantage of them all.

Book Your Spot Now

Chances are very slim that you’ll ever get this opportunity again, so get in touch to book your out of season Cape Town accommodation with us now. It’s going to be the busiest and best ‘slow season’ ever so get in first.

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